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What We Do

At High End Stone Masons, we are passionate about providing a spectrum of services at the highest possible quality. In addition to being qualified landscapers, we are expert stonemasons who abide by the age-old principles of our craft.

We are specialists in the use of natural stone in gardens and undertake any type of stonework and can construct everything from scratch. We offer stone pitching, landscaping with natural stone, solutions for retaining, heritage work and repairs, one off sculptures or monumental stonework, retaining walls, repairs and house clads and more. We don’t just make beautiful creations; we also provide solutions that stand the test of time.
White house, stone pitching — High End Stone Masons in Townsville, QLD

Stone Pitching

Stone pitching involves setting natural stone against a concrete layer to create beautifully embedded rocks. Throughout Townsville and surrounding areas, we produce high quality stone pitching such as walling, paving and paths, columns and pillars, steps and sculptures.
  • Walling
  • Columns and pillars
  • Paving and paths
  • Stone Steps
  • One off monuments or sculptures
Heritage Repair — High End Stone Masons in Townsville, QLD

Heritage Work & Repairs

We know the value of preserving and protecting your structures. From culverts to exteriors, we undertake a variety of heritage stonework services and repairs. It is our goal to carry out repairs while also maintaining the structure’s original style. We can also assist with insurance jobs, small or large patch repairs and partial or completed rebuilds.
  • Pointing
  • Insurance work
  • Small or large patch repairs
  • Partial or completed rebuilds
Landscaping — High End Stone Masons in Townsville, QLD

Landscaping with Natural Stone

We create stunning gardens using natural stone for steps, paving, water features, pillars, retaining walls and much more. Draw inspiration from stone gardens around the world and we can help you build a paradise that you can call your own.
  • Natural paving, paths and steps
  • Large or small rock placement
  • Stone retaining walls and water features
  • Stone pillars and much more.
Rocks — High End Stone Masons in Townsville, QLD

Solution for Retaining

Level out steep slopes using attractive natural stone retaining walls. Our successful methods include stone-terraced walls, gabion baskets, natural battering and shaping of the slope. We also incorporate natural rockery for steps and paths.
  • Stone terraced walls
  • Natural rocerys including stone steps and pathways
  • Gabion baskets
  • Natural battering and shaping of the slope
  • It’s most common to use a number of these methods together to achieve an erosion/slip free slope.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a stonemason do?
A stonemason takes natural stone and, using different tools, shapes the stone to then be used as retaining walls, terraced walls, natural stone stairs, paving, paths, wall cladding, sculptures, monuments and much more.
What is stone pitching?
What stones can I choose from?
What styles do you do?